Wednesday, January 6, 2016

When Your Business Relocates, Celebrate!

What should a business do when they are moving or have moved to a new nest, swimming hole, den, hole in the wall or a different zip code?

You would never send a "We've Moved!" notice that didn't include a new address.  We would be much more likely to send people an invitation to a housewarming party.  When you move yourself or your family within the same town, you probably don't worry about losing friends.  However, it's an entirely different story when someone has relocated a business.  As soon as all the "t"'s have been crossed, the "i's" have been dotted and the ink has dried, it's time let it be known that a big change is on its way and is just around the bend!

Many businesses don't realize how much they have become a part of a person's normal routine, are only visited because of their proximity to another area where they shop, are perceived as the only game in town or they have simply become a habit or even a luxury.  If a business gets out of that convenient location zone, they can quickly become an inconvenience.  If no one else provides their services, it's even more important that they leave bread crumbs not so they can find their way back but instead to help their customers find the new location.  They don't want people to feel stranded, lost or left out not knowing where they have disappeared to or worse yet, start a rumor that they have gone out of business.  You can compare it to when you can only find that delicious sugar-free jam, that tastes like your grandmother's recipe at a particular store and suddenly the store stops carrying that brand.  You will be looking for it everywhere or be going to the higher priced store that carries it just so you can continue getting that product.  We are creatures of habit and if a business disrupts that habit, they have some work cut out for them to retain clients.

If you have created a special bond with your clients, they will seek you out.  I'm sure we've all become attached to a particular business, product or service and have followed them perhaps even more than once.  It's nice to let customers know well in advance that you are moving.  The business is responsible to help their customers place themselves mentality in the new location.  No one else has that responsibility!  They need to build up the facts about how the new location is better, bigger, has more parking or enables them to offer more services.  

The most noticeable way for a business to get people to their new location is to have a party or some type of celebration.  They will not only be showing their clients their "new house", as a business they will be creating a good excuse for their new neighbors to say, "Hello!  I'm your neighbor three doors down and I am an interior designer" or whatever it is that they do.  Perhaps they can even set up an appointment to get better acquainted later.  Their shyer neighbors might be more comfortable coming to their event knowing that they won't be interrupting business as usual and will seize the moment that is designed to include them.

So the next time you hear that a business is moving, do them a big favor and make sure they are going to celebrate their move.  If all they plan on doing is putting up a sign that says that they have moved, the next sign they might be putting in a window is one not a pleasant to put up.  That would be a dreaded "Going out of Business" sign.  

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You might be asking, "What exactly does Greatest of Days mean?  What do you do?"  My apologies if you have to ask.  Greatest of Days is an event planning business in the Seattle area which helps individuals and businesses plan or learn how to host successful events with less stress...and officiates weddings.  (Just couldn't give that up from the good ole wedding planning days!)  I can hear you say, "Aha!  Now I get it!"  Now, I'm happy that you're happy!  

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  1. Such a good point to let them know WAY ahead of time that you are moving. We aren't just building businesses, we are building relationships. :-)