Sunday, May 17, 2015

Why Should You Host an Event to Boost Your Business?

Having events is one of the most under-utilized yet proven methods of marketing a business. It fits in with the motto "it's much easier to keep a client than to recruit a new one".  Aha, but you can invite a person who isn't a client to tag along with them to an event.

I'll be sharing on this blog the many ways that your business could benefit from hosting or co-hosting an event.  Yes, even those of you who have a home-based business.  You have options!

Anyone can host an event, but don't you want to do that in a successful way to make it worth your time and effort?  Events are part art and part science!  Successful events don't just happen!

We will be hosting events in the Seattle and Tacoma areas.  You can even attend a workshop on "How to Host a Successful Event to Boost Your Business".  Sign up to be placed on the waiting list  or go directly to


Wishing you the greatest of days!  Your business deserves them, too!

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