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Create Business Events That Won't Be Forgotten

"Create Business Events That Won't Be Forgotten"

The best part about hosting events for marketing purposes is that they are remembered more than other forms of marketing.  The key is to make them remembered for all the right reasons.  Events are a living form of marketing, can take on a life of their own, but that's what makes them memorable.  Sometimes your Return on Investment is realized much sooner than with other forms of marketing.  This is where making your events memorable comes into play.  You can read people's faces, see their interactions with one another and often as a host, you'll get a testimonial from people as they are preparing to leave an event. 

It's the Little Things that Count!
When I've been involved in events after months of planning, I've learned that if you are on high alert, you will know before your event has even started if it's going to be a hit or not.  One key element for people remembering an event is to have a theme.  If you see that people arrive and have really dressed the part, you know they've thought about the event for days if not weeks.  One of the funniest observations I made was at a "Sunset on Safari" themed Chamber of Commerce auction.  People had barely had their coats checked in before they were enjoying the ring toss for wine and other activities.  Part of the auction was going to be a dessert dash.  We had supplied the venue with beautiful silk safari-themed fabric but someone had also picked up some safari-themed dessert napkins.  The photographer for the event came up to me and asked if he could use of of the napkins to put in his suit pocket as an accessory like a handkerchief.  I thought it was a wonderful idea!  It wasn't too much later that a I noticed that almost all of the men "followed suit" and had the napkins in their pockets as well.  Yes, the men were invested at that point and that was a wonderful sign.  At that moment I knew it was going to be a successful auction and sure enough, they had their best fundraising auction on record.  Capture hearts and minds and you're off to the races!  

Music, Music, Music!
A very solid element that you must have a an event for it to be remembered is music.  Music affects more parts of the brain than other forms of communication or activities.  People will not remember other aspects of an event as well if there isn't music.  I would say that the most important vendor at an event is a good DJ, not someone with an iPod and a microphone.  DJ's read the crowd and I've heard them say that they are thinking in three-minute intervals throughout an entire event.  I think every event should have an emcee if there are going to be any activities involved.  People like to know that an event is flowing smoothly.  The vendor I speak with the most at events is the DJ, more than the caterer or the venue.  A DJ is really the hub of a good event for marketing.

The ambience can set set with lighting, sounds, activities, objects or props, smells, mouth-watering tastes of morsels and fun experiences that are unique to whatever your business is.  If you let your guests step into your shoes just enough to get an appreciation for what you do, they will see your business in an entirely different light.

If you think back to grade school days and throughout your life since then, the information you recall the easiest is when a fun activity or series of good laughs came right along with a topic that was being taught.  If you let your hair hang down, you become real and more approachable.  That's so important for a business owner.  The key thing a business needs to do for an event is to create a comfortable atmosphere.  Make learning fun!  

The first thing that many people think of is wine, but I'll break it to you right now...your event will not be remembered as well if alcohol is involved even if your guests don't get plastered.  Save some money on the beverages!  Try some mock-tails instead.  There are some sparkling ciders (not your big box store varieties) that I think would work great as a psychological experiment.  I tasted one that could have easily passed for champagne.  The devil in me wants to serve that at a party and see if people get tipsy with the placebo effect.  I would never tell them otherwise at my own private parties!  Professionally, I have to be a little bit better behaved.   I have no problem brainstorming at all.  None I guess I'm in the right industry. 

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