Sunday, March 6, 2016

Plan with Purpose, Pt. 1 Hosting Business Events

Planning an Event for Your Business Part 1.

I've never cared for the term pre-planning.  Planning is planning.  If you have a series of events, you should actually start planning for the next event within a week of the event you just held.  Things will be fresh in your mind of what went well, what could have gone more smoothly, and what made the event special in the eyes of your attendees or audience.

Identify Your Primary Purposes of Your Event

Is your event's purpose to:

Inform people of changes, 
Celebrate a person or an accomplishment, 
Introduce a person or a product, 
Build morale, 
Join forces with an industry expert, 
Gain clients, 
Repair a damaged reputation?

Remember that if events aren't fun, the material being taught or the message being sent will not be absorbed or recalled as effectively.

Spend some time carefully thinking about what you want to accomplish.  It doesn't have to be just one single purpose.  You can blend more than one purpose, but they must enhance each others intent.

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