Monday, April 4, 2016

Brainstorming Does Not Happen in a Box!

I count myself lucky to be in the events industry where we are constantly challenged to think outside the box!  There's nothing I love more than brainstorming with a team or an individual to work through a maze of ideas to reach a fabulous solution or creation.

This made me think about the qualities people need to be a great brainstormer.

1.  Be good listeners.

2.  Have the belief that there is no such thing as a stupid idea.

3.  Use "stupid" ideas as launching points for continued conversation.

4.  Aren't afraid to say any idea that comes to their mind.

5.  Avoid putting down other people's ideas...lets them be.  Accepts them as ideas that are growing!

6.  Realizes that some people don't always jump on board to change easily.

7.  Is willing to abandon "We've always done it this or that way".

8.  Lets things slide off their back when someone doesn't understand or like their idea.  They just haven't seen the end result yet!

9.  Knows that in real life that brainstorming skills will help them when they have to turn on a dime.

10.  Invests some time beyond the first meeting to discuss and propel the process forward.

11.  Never forgets the purpose of their discussion but doesn't discount being able kill two birds with one stone as a result of brainstorming.

12.  Invites uncreative types to participate but doesn't let the uncreative types outnumber the creative types.  

13.  Last but not least, realizes that the uncreative need to be gently pulled out of their comfort zone to shed their belief that they aren't creative.  Once they warm up,  everyone will be surprised at their contributions.

Have fun brainstorming whether it be to find a solution to a problem, to make something beautiful, work better, be repurposed or launch a new product.

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