Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ear to the Ground, Fly on the Wall and A Crystal Ball

Contest, right off the bat!

Yes, the Greatest of Days newsletter tries to be fun and why not?  We are about events, marketing and networking so it has to lean to the fun side for events of any kind to be enjoyed, taught well, de-stressifying (if that's even a word), remembered or even comforting.  You will be in the know for everything events, marketing and networking for your business or job.  We're really going to pay attention to marketing to Millennials and zero in on the people who don't think they want to market to them.   Their bad...temporarily!

Even part of our wedding planning era stuck with us, so we still officiate weddings.  Did I say, we alleviate stress or comfort people?  Heck, yeah!  We carry tissues for our clients on these occasions, sometimes from laughing so hard.  They say laughing and crying are the same thing, right?

Haven't forgotten about the contest....just scroll on down.

Creativity is pretty much our middle name even if the logo shows that our middle name is "of".  You're in for some fun contests, brainstorming, and a boat load of information you probably never had thought of before.  In our humble opinion, the latter would be an "Aha!" moment or a "Hey!  Let's do thaaaat! Yeah."

The first contest is what shall we name this serious and crazy, 4-1-1 packed newsletter?  If you don't leave a comment, I might have to sic the dogs onto you!

We might even be splitting our business into two parts; one part for social events and the second part for business events...so be prepared for another contest.

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