Monday, April 25, 2016

Marketing to Millennials. Know Them and Love Them!

Millennials!  You need them!

Understand them, don't make assumptions!

There are some things that I don't understand.  One of those things is when businesses say they don't want to market to Millennials.  First, I'm not a Millennial so don't assume I'm one of those so-called "me, me, me slackers, entitled, non-communicators" and whatever. Millennials get a bad rap!  As with every generation, the previous generation wonders how they'll ever make it or has said, "They don't show any respect!"  Ha!  Somethings never change.

They've experienced family life differently.

Seriously, when a business says they don't want to market to Millennials, I'm wondering how much longer they can keep their head in the sand.  Millennials currently make up the largest segment of the population in the United States!  Their lives touch different age groups than in the past.  Some of them were born to parents who were very young while others were born to parents who waited until their 30's-40's to have children.  Some Millennials had their own children at a very young age.  Because of that, they were exposed to either fewer or more generations than previous generations.  Some Millennials have aging parents, some have much younger parents.  Why does all of this matter for marketing?   Let's talk about that.

Think about their view of the world.

The most important thing is marketing is knowing how to communicate with any particular marketing segment and know their mindset.  Their needs can vary greatly from one to another.  Remember that this age group has seen a lot for their years including multiple wars, an economic crisis most comparable to the Depression, scandals at all levels, one of the most rapidly changing ages in technology, etc.  Some of the Millennials are also facing wages and employment opportunities that don't even come close to the cost of living in many major areas of the country.  It's no wonder that they are compared to those who grew up during the Depression.  They are not as materialistic as the Baby Boomers.  Many are very frugal and have no problem using Uber rather than owning a car, spend a lot of time on Pinterest learning about DIY projects, are overwhelmed with information but use that access to dig deep into finding the truth.  You can't nor should you try to pull anything over their eyes.

Forget about them only wanting to be texting or that it's technology or nothing.

If you want Millennials to come to your store, you will be spinning your wheels unless you offer them an experience that is different than what they receive through technology.  You can use technology to reach them, but to get them into your store, you had better make an event out of it.  Make them feel special with a "by-invitation-only" event.  They will be texting about their experience at your store, so you have to do it right and be glad you have instant positive marketing because of their connections. One more thing!  Millennials love to receive things in the mail!

Guess what?  They are human beings, too!

They are no different than any other generation.  In fact, for major events that they attend, they aren't as interested in technology being a big part of it as they are just having a good time with their friends!  Sound familiar?  This generation has been able to have a world view like no other generation before it.  With the internet so accessible, the world has literally been at their fingertips.  They are not disconnected.  They also have a great "truth meter" built into them.  They verify facts and don't assume everything that they hear is to be taken for truth. Not all Millennials are like this, but this is a fair assessment.   

They have a heart!

Justice, the environment, volunteerism are on their minds.  If you want to appeal to them, make a part of your business cause-oriented.  Pair up with charities and you will gain the respect of Millennials.  They are inheriting this world and they care about it.  More power to them!

You know what?  I'm proud of them!  How do I know them?  I planned weddings for 8 years and most of them were Millennials.  I also have umpteen nieces, nephews and grand-nieces and grand-nephews in this age group.  I love them!!

Wishing you the greatest of days!

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